2012-2015 recordings


Bach Vespers 10/24/2015

Bach Vespers 9/26/2015


J. S. Bach- Nun Du wirst Bass Aria from BWV 78 (Ethan Sagin, baritone)

Improvisation on Hymn 437 And Did My Savior Bleed

Parker- Spe Modo Vivtur (Ethan Sagin, baritone)

Buxtehude-Passacaglia in D (8 a.m.)

Buxtehude-Passacaglia in D (11 a.m.)


Improvisation #707

J. S. Bach: Warum Betrübst du Dich-Clara Reitz (soprano)

Ash wednesday 2015

Aus tiefer – Hymn

Almighty and Everlastin God-Tomkins


Hymn-#578 Thy Strong Word

Schutz-Lobe den Herrn allezeit-Clare


O thou that tellest good Tidings” Ksenia Beretovskaya, alto

Woe unto them Alto Aria from Elijah (F. Mendelssohn) Ksenia Beretovskaya, alto

Brightest of the Stars of the Morning

BWV 649


Improvisation Canzona 8 a.m

Hymn #402 The Only Son from Heaven

Vivaldi- Gloria Clara Reitz, soprano



German Service 12/7/14

Hymn: Es ist Ein Rose

Corelli Sonata I. Andante

Hymn: Allein Gott-(J. Cruger)

Lebens Sonne” Recit and Aria from Cantata BWV 180 (Audrey Fernandez-Fraser, sopr)

Nun Komm (J. Cruger)

Hymn: Von Himmel Hoch

Hymn: Frochlich Soll (J. Cruger)



T. L. Victoria: Ne Timeas Maria

The king shall come

Hymn: Savior of the Nations come- 11 a.m


Hymn- Wake awake.11 a.m.

Hymn- Wake awake 8 a.m.

Telemann- Psalm 117

BWV 129-Lobet se der Herr

Elgar- O Salutaris Hostia

J. Pachelbel- Was mein Gott will

Postlude: Wo Soll Ich Fliehen Js. Bach


8 a.m. improv. The bridegroom

Susse Stille-reitz

F-Major Toccata-style hymn intro and hymn  Spread the Reign of the Lord

Buxtehude G Minor BuxVW 147


Prelude and Fugue Improv

Hymn #514 The Bridegroom soon will call us

Gibbons_Almighty and Everlasting God

J. S. Bach-Lamb of God + W. Byrd- Ego Sum

Hymn # 636 O Soul Adorn Yourself with Gladness

Schutz-Ich will den Herren loben allzeit Clara Reitz, Soprano

J. S. BAch- Mein Glaubiges Herze from BWV 68

Franck_Panis Angelicus Clara Reitz, Soprano


God So Loved the World with intro

Schutz-Bringet den Herren Ethan Sagin, baritone, Allison Drenkov, cello

“Heute wirds du mit mir” Aria from Cantata BWV 106 Ethan Sagin, baritone, Allison Drenkov, cello


Improvisation on Erhalt Uns

Hassler-Cantate Domino

Byrd-Ego Sum+Hymn-What Wondrous Love is This


Improvisation Dear Christians

Improvisation-All Christians 11 a.m

Hassler-Dear Christians (11 a.m. choir)

Berstein-Simple Song Clara Reitz, soprano (8 a.m.)

Schubert-Du Bist die Ruh Clara Reitz, soprano (8 a.m.)

Johann Walter-Es Ist Das Heil (11 a.m. quartet)


Praetorius-Allein Gott

BWV 163

Hymn # 719 I Leave All Things to God’s Direction


Improvisation “Es ist das Heil”

Hymn: Lord Keep Us Steadfast in Your Word


Improvisation on 531 #1

Improvisation on 531 #2

Paul Hindemith: Sonata Op. 31/4 for solo viola II: Lied

Maren Rothfritz, viola

Hymn # 531

Elgar Sonata for Solo Organ: IV. Allegro


Improvisation on Jerusalem the Golden, Prelude and Fugue 8 a.m.

Bach Cello Suite: Allemand Allison Drenkow, cello

Improvisation on Jerusalem the Golden,  French Overture Style

J. S. Bach: Contrapunctus IV from The Art of Fugue

4/20/14, Easter

BWV 4 Sinfonia_1st mvmn

BWV 4 Bass Aria 1


Aria BWV 204


Lamm Gottes Improv:

Lamm Gottes Unschuldig Improv- verse 1

Es ist das Heil Improv 8 a.m.

Es ist das Heil Improv

Es ist das Heil Improv 11 a.m.

Es ist das Heil Improv.11 a.m


Handel- Wash Me Truly:

Handel- Wash Me Truly


Bach-Geistliches-Lied (Audrey Fernandez-Fraser, Andrew Sanches)

Bach :Geistliches Lied

3/5/14 Ash Wednesday

Hymn # 418-O-Lorrd-throughout-these-forty-days.

Improv on 418 O Lorrd throughout these forty days


Fugue on Art of Fugue



Prelude improvisation on #523


Improvisation on #637

Improvisation on #637

Fugue, introduction on Children of the Heavenly Father # 825

Hymn # 812 Come Let Us Join


Handel- Wash Me Truly:


Bach-Geistliches-Lied (Audrey Fernandez-Fraser, Andrew Sanches)

This page is updated every Sunday with music selections from Sunday Worship at FLC.

3/5/14 Ash Wednesday

Hymn # 418-O-Lorrd-throughout-these-forty-days.





Improvisation on #637

Fugue, introduction on Children of the Heavenly Father # 825

Hymn # 812 Come Let Us Join

2/16/14 175th Anniversary of First Lutheran Church of Boston

Duo with Chorale- Improvisation on Songs on Thankfulness and Praise #394

Karosi B.- processional for trumpet and organ (11 a.m. prelude, John Mange, trumpet)

Built on the Rock-setting by Hal Hobson

Anniversary Hymn with Karosi Intro

Durufle Toccata from Suite Op. 5


Hymn #526 You Are the Way Through You Alone

Praetorius- Erhalt Uns with improvised organ intro

Erhalt Uns Improv 11 a.m.

Fugue in G Minor BWV 542


Improv. on LSB 519 (8 a.m.)

Fugue in A Minor

Improv. on LSB 519 (11 a.m.)

I know my Redeemer Lives

J. S. Bach Fugue in A Minor


Improvisation on Christ the Only Son from Heaven:

Hymn #402 The Only Son from Heaven







Christmas Eve:

O Come+ In Dulci Jubilo

Hymn: Es Ist Ein Rose

J. S. Bach: Canonic Variations-I:

J. S. Bach: Canonic Variations-II:

Fourth Sunday in Advent Dec. 22

Improvised Prelude:



Third Sunday- Dec. 15 2013

Improvisation on Precious Ransom Come:

Prelude on Precious Ransom Come:

Gibbons: Magnificat

Second Sunday- Dec. 8

Hovhannes: Prayer of St. Gregory:

Krebs: Fantasia on Wachet Auf (John Mange, trumpet)

First Sunday of Advent

Prelude (8 a.m.) J. S. Bach: Nun Komm BWV 659

Prelude (11 a.m.) Bach-Andante from E Minor Sonata for Flute (Elizabeth Stern, Flute)

Opening Hymn: Impr. prelude and Hymn- Savior of the Nations_1-4.waw

Offering: Gluck: Dance of the Blessed Spirits (Elizabeth Stern, Flute)

Improvised prelude and Hymn  Savior of the Nations and Postlude: J. S. Bach-Nun Komm BWV 661

Thanksgiving Service:

Improvised Prelude on _Holy God We Praise Thy Name_

November 24

Wachet Auf Improvisation

Krebs- Wachet Auf with Chorale Singing

Wake, awake Hymn # 514 with Postlude BWV 645

November 17

Handel- in god Have I Trusted 11 a.m. choir

Ouverture-8 a.m. Was Gott tut ist Wohlgetan

Ouverture-11 a.m. Was Gott tut ist Wohlgetan

Krebs- Was mein Gott Will (choir and organ)

J. Pachelbel- Was mein Gott will

November 10

Improvised Fugue on the God of Abraham

Choral Introit: Mendelssohn- The Lord is a Mighty God

I know my redeemer lives-Lucy

November 3

Prelude-Erhalt Uns 8 am

Erhalt Uns 11 a.m. prelude

Buxtehude: Mit Fried und Freud BUXWV 76

Buxtehude e minor ciaccone

Reformation Sunday, October 27

Was Gott tut BWV 100 (Audrey Fernandez-Fraser, soprano, Weronika Balevszki, flute)

Ein Feste Burg-Hymn -Isorhythmic

October 13

Improvised Fughetta on O Lord I love Thee

Organo Plano Improv on O Lord I love Thee

Hymn- Now Thank We All our God

Hymn- O Lord I Love Thee

October 6

Hymn- #587 I Know my Faith is Founded

Choral Allein Gott-11 a.m. choir

Sept 29

Improvised Prelude&Fugue on Erhalt Uns

Christ unser Herr zum Jordan-Choir

Wir Glauben-Vulpius

Prelude Improvisation Erhalt Uns (8 a.m.)

Sept. 22

Improvised Fantasia on _Dear Christians_

Improvisation on Jesus Priceless Treasure

Jesus Priceless Treasure 11 a.m. choir

Improvised Prelude & Fugue on _Dear Christians_

Improvised Prelude & Fugue on _Dear Christians_-Fugue

Sept 15

Fughetta-Dies Sind die Heiligen

Sept 8

Trio on from God Nothing can move me

Prelude on O God, My Faithful God-I

Fugue on O God, My Faithful God-II

Sept 1

Chorale Fantasia on Herr Jesu Christ (Improvised)

Kyrie, Gott Heiliger Geist BWV 671 from the Clavier–übung III

August 25

Selections from the Clavier–übung III:

Allein Gott in der Höh sei Ehr BWV 675 trio C.F in alto

Kyrie-Christe, aller Welt Trost BWV 670

August 18

Mozart- Laudamus te Audrey Fernandez-Fraser, soprano

Vater Unser im Himmelreich BWV 682

Gloria in Excelsis LSB 204 with improvised counterpoint

Mozart: Laudate Dominum Sarah Lynn Mitchell, Soprano

August 11

Vivaldi- Nulla in Mundo (Sarah Lynn Mitchell

J. S. Bach: Kyrie Gott der Vater

Allein Gott in der höh sei Ehr

August 3

# 732 Improvisation

Hymn # 732 with cool intro

Fugue in G Minor BWV 578

June 30

Improvisation on “Vater Unser” (8 a.m.)

Schütz: Erhöre Mich

Jesus Christus Unser Herr BWV 688

June 23

Bicinium w. choral 2′

Prelude Improvisation on #688 (11 a.m.)

Congregational Hymn #688 with recorder (8 a.m.)

Handel-Sonata in a I

Handel: Sonata in A for Flute II

Handel-Sonata in a III

Handel: Sonata in A IV.(Héloise Degrugillier, alto recorder)

Congregational Hymn #688

Congregational Hymn: Lord Thee I Love #708

June 16

Ein Feste Burg processional for Vacation Bible School

Balint Karosi: Nunc Dimittis for three voices (Audrey Fernandez-Fraser, Karin Denison, Emese Kovács, Cheryl Ryder)

J. S. Bach: Auf tiefer Not BWV 686 

June 9

Great peace have they (Jean Baptiste Lully)  Audrey Fernandez-Fraser, soprano; Mary Elizabeth Castleton, alto

In nomine Jesu (Ferdinand di Lasso) Mary Elizabeth Castleton and Audrey Fernandez-Fraser, sopranos

Bach – O liebe Seele  Audrey Fernandez-Fraser, soprano

BWV 76 Aria: Hört, ihr Völker – J.S. Bach  Audrey Fernandez-Fraser, soprano

Es ist das Heil improv a 4

Es ist das Heil Improv. a 5 voci CF in Tenor

Sweelinck: Es Ist das Heil

June 2

BWV 78 Duett Claire Shepro, mezzo-soprano; Audrey Fernandez-Fraser, soprano

Hymn# 755-In the Very Midst of Life

Vivalde- Laudamus Te

May 26

Duett: Gloria Patri BWV 192 (Andrew Sanchez, Audrey Fernandez-Fraser)

C. Franck: Panis Angelicus

May 19 Pentecost

Handel: wash me throughly from Chandos Anthems (Audrey Fernandez-Fraser, Andrew Sanchez)

Handel: O Worship the Lord from Chandos Anthems (Audrey Fernandez-Fraser, Andrew Sanchez)

Vittoria: Veni Creator Spiritus (11 a.m. choir)

Congregational Hymn #498: Come Holy Ghost, Creator Blest

J. S. Bach: Komm Heiliger Geist BWV 667

May 12

Improvised Fugue on “Herr Jesu Christ”

Jacob Handl: Ascendens Christum (Audrey Fernandez-Fraser, Andrew Sanchez, Kelly Lam, Adriana Pohl, William Jameson, Kyle Randall)

William Byrd: Praise our Lord (Audrey Fernandez-Fraser, Andrew Sanchez, Kelly Lam, Adriana Pohl, William Jameson, Kyle Randall)

May 3

Improvisation on Dear Christians

3 Verses on “Dear Christians”

Dear Christians on Flutes 4′

Giovanni Cerisini: Christus Resurgens

Trio Improvisation on “Dear Christians”

Byrd- Ego Sum

Mozart: Agnus Dei

J. S. Bach_ Trio Sonata in D Minor III. Vivace

April 28

Cavallini: Cantata Domino

Gallus Dressler: I am the Ressurection (11 a.m. choir)

Mozart-Laudate (Audrey Fernandez-Fraser)

Aus Tiefer-improvisation

Gallus Dressler: I am the Ressurection

Benedictus Ducis_ My Faith is Sure

Improvised Fugue on Jerusalem O City Fair and High

April 21

Improvisation on #731

Art of the Fugue VI in Stylo Francese

April 7

N. Bruhns G Major (excerpt)

Easter, March 31 2013

Vaughan Williams- Easter (8 a.m.) Arranged for small ensemble by Bálint Karosi Bradford Gleim, baritone

BWV145 (8 a.m.) Part 1

BWV145 (8 a.m.) Part 2

(FLC Choir and period instruments, Audrey Fernandez-Fraser, sopr, Gerrod Pagenkopf, alto, David Evans, Tenor, Bradfor Gleim, baritone)

Vaughan Williams: Easter (11 a.m.)

BWV 145 Part 1 (11 a.m)

BWV 145 Part 2 (11 a.m)

Good Friday March 29

Pergolesi: Stabat Mater (Audrey Fernandez-Fraser, Kelly Lam)

March 24

couperin: Lecons de Tenebres Part III (Audrey F. Fraser, Adriana Pohl)

February 24

Purcell: Funeral Sentences Part 1

Purcell: Funeral Sentences Part 2

Purcell: Funeral Sentences Part 3

J. Walter: Aus Tiefer Not (11 a.m. Choir)

Concerto in d Minor after Vivaldi-III

February 17

Trio Improvisation on the Anniversary Hymn

Fugue on the Anniversary Hymn

February 7

Recit: Gott ist getreu; Aria: Ich halt es mit dem lieben Gott (From BWV 52)

February 3

Henry Purcell: O God, Thou Art (Audrey Fernandez Fraser, Karin Denison, Kip Christensen, Jerome Fung)

César Franck: Offertoire-Dextera Domini (11 a.m. choir)

Hymn#811: Oh, That I had a Thousand Voices

January 27

Prelude on Hymn # 812

Gibbons: Almighty and Everlasting God (11 a.m. choir)

Sing we merrily

January 20

Dir, Dir Jehovah-Geistliche Lieder

Lasset Uns-Geistliche Lieder

Trio Improvisation & Hymn#900

January 14

Recit from Cantata BWV 124 and Aria from Cantata: bwv124

Improvisation on #406

O Jesulein süss



Christmas Day

J. S. Bach: Pastorella 3d Movement

Hymn: From Heaven Above

J. S. Bach Sonata in C Major 3d Movemnt

Christmas Eve Service 

Improvisation on “Es ist ein Rose entsprungen” 

Hymn: O Come all ye Faithful

Hymn #368: Now We Sing Rejoice

Hymn #387: Joy to the World

Special Christmas Offering

Rosie Goumas, piano; Audrey Fernandez-Fraser voice; Balint Karosi, clarinet

O Come All Ye Faithful

Away in a Manger

It Came Upon a Midnight Clear

O Little Town of Bethlehem Aria from Saint-Saens Christmas Oratorio What Child is This Hark the Herald Angels Sing Oh Holy Night Lo How the Rose are blooming Dec. 23 The Angel Gabriel

Organ Vespers Service Dec. 19

Headley: I sing of a Maiden

Hymn # 385 From East to West

Improvised North German-style Chorale Fantasy on “Von Himmel Hoch” Part I

Improvised North German-style Chorale Fantasy on “Von Himmel Hoch” Part II

Magnificat :LSB setting I

Advent III Dec. 16

Improvised fugue and Hymn Awake#354

Hallock: Magnificat

Carolyn Jennings: A New Magnificat

Advent II Dec. 9

J. S. Bach: Sopr. Alto Duet from Cantata 91 Gelobet seist du Jesu Christ

Audrey Fernandez-Fraser, Kelly Lam, alto, Balint Karosi, organ

Chorale Anthem: Lo How a Rose E’er Blooming

11 a.m. choir, Balint Karosi, conductor

Advent I Dec. 2 J. S. Bach: Liebster Herr Jesu (Geistliche Lieder) J. S. Bach: Offne dich from cantata 61 Ihr Gedanken und ihr Sinnen from BWV 110 4 p.m. German Service: Hymn #332 Nun Komm den heiden Heiland J. s. Bach: Nun komm den Heiden Heiland bwv659 Stille Nacht Improvisation on Himmel Hoch

Nov. 25 Improvised Ouverture and Fugue on O Worship the King Improvisation on Wake awake the night is flying J. S. Bach: Wachet auf ruft uns die Stimme

Nov. 21, Thanksgiving Eve Service: 2 Improvised verses on “Praise the Almighty” Prelude Chorale and Fugue on “Now Thank We All Our God”

Nov. 19 Mozart: Dulcissimum Convivium Improvisation on Hymn 508 Rheinberger: Wie Schön sind deine Wohnungen o Herr (11 a.m. choir)

Nov. 11 Mendelssohn: Wait for the Lord, from Elijah Schütz: Habe deine lust in dem Herren

Nov. 4 All Saints’ Day Aria: Ich Höre mitten in den Leiden from Cantata BWV 38 by J. S. Bach D. Buxtehude: Mit Fried und Freud BuxWV 76

Reformation Celebration Service, Oct. 29. Opening Chorus of “Ein Feste Burg” BWV 80 Bass and Soprano Duet, BWV 80/2 Paul Tipton, Bass, Audrey Fernandez Soprano Bass Recit BWV 80/3 Soprano Aria BWV 80/4 Chorale BWV 80/5 Tenpr Recit BWV 80/6 Alt-Tenor Duett with Oboe da Caccia BWV 80/7 Chorale BWV 80/8 Audrey Fernandez-Fraser, soprano Members of the Exsultemus Vocal Period Ensemble: Gerrod Pagenkopf, countertenor David Evans, tenor Paul Max Tipton, bass-baritone

Oct. 14 Mozart: Laudate Dominum Audrey-Fernandez Fraser, soprano, Bálint Karosi, organ Hymn: #615 When In the Hour of Deepest Need Recit and Aria Mendelssohn’s  Oratorio “Elijah”: Mendelssohn: Recit and Aria from Elijah J. S. Bach: Fugue in G Major BWV 541 Audrey-Fernandez Fraser, soprano, Bálint Karosi, piano

Sept. 16, 2012 J. S Bach: Aria from Cantata bwv51

Sept. 9, 2012 Samuel Scheidt: Ich hab in dir Gehoffet, Herr (8 a.m. service: Audrey Fernandez-Fraser, Cheryl Ryder, sopranos, Paul Edmon, Bass) Improvised Trio on LSB 628 “Your Table I Approach” Postlude: Lionel Rogg: Lobet den Herren

Sept. 1, 2012: Improvisation on LSB 956 Create in me a clean heart H. Schütz: Bone Jesu (Audrey Fernandez-Fraser, Cheryl Ryder) Fantasia on “A Mighty Fortress” 11 a.m. Sunday Worship 09.1.2012 by Bálint Karosi

August 26 2012 Offertory: improvisation (8 a.m. Audrey Fernandez-Fraser, Cheryl Ryder) Schaffe in mir Gott, ein reines Herz Heinrich Schütz

August 19, 2012




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